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The SpinTrak™ family of spinneret inspection systems are specially designed to inspect all types of fiber extrusion spinnerets (dies) used in yarn, staple, spunbond, meltblown and spunlace applications. To accommodate various spinneret sizes and configurations, the SpinTrak™ is available in a variety of models, including the Bench Top, Table top and Floor standing units.

Using state of the art machine vision technology, the SpinTrak™ inspects 100% of the capillaries on each spinneret. Defects in spinneret capillaries such as partially blocked capillaries, blocked capillaries, damaged capillaries, or worn capillaries directly affect the final quality of spun fiber or filament as well as the finished spunbond or meltblown finished rolls. Product loss, losses associated with down time, running efficiency, downgraded product, and even customer claims can result from these kinds of defects in the spinneret capillaries are detected and corrected after proper inspection. In fiber and filament production, denier, broken or missing filaments, evenness, crimp, shrinkage, orientation and dye-ability are all affected. In spunbond or meltblown extrusion slow holes, drips, stoppages, dog legs, short pack life, longer startups result in capillaries that are not cleaned.. The SpinTrak has been known to help reduce the startup time on spunbond lines and helps to allow customers less frequent pack changes. If you calculate the cost per hour of time lost during startup plugging the blocked capillaries, and starting the line. Such defects the SpinTrak finds include dirt, carbon build up, additive build up, blockage, damage, edge chipping, and edge wear.

The SpinTrak™ ’s pictorials and graphs software features allow the user to analyze measurement data to determine easier cleaning and extrusion problems which affect capillary characteristics. Such problems include malfunctioning cleaning equipment, improper pack assembly, uneven air flow, and spin pump problems.

Using spinnerets free from capillary defects, and by helping to determine extrusion and cleaning problems, the SpinTrak™ eliminates immediate spinneret failures, minimizes change over times, and maximizes spinneret runtimes. In turn, plant productivity and profits are increased. The investment cost of the SpinTrak is quickly returned by these savings, and labor savings.