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  • Eliminates operator errors resulting from fatigue and subjectivity.
  • Performs at high speeds allowing for 100% inspection of the spinnerets used in production.
  • Increases fiber quality and consistency.
  • Eliminates slow holes, drips, doglegs and stoppages in the spunbond/meltblown nonwoven extrusion processes.
  • Directly helps minimize missing or broken filaments, and other quality problems associated with extrusion that can alter the denier, evenness, tenacity, shrinkage, crimp (if the filament is texturized), and even dye uptake downstream in fabric formation.
  • Helps reduce customer complaints and costly claims.
  • Eliminates immediate position failures due to Spinneret problems.
  • Maximizes Spinneret running time because the inspection made by the SpinTrak™ confirms spinnerets being replaced on the line are cleaned correctly, not damaged or worn.
  • Minimizes disruptions in starting the line back up after pack changes.
  • Ensures efficient Spinneret inventory rotation by ranking all Spinnerets by condition.
  • Detects cleaning and extrusion problems through analysis of Spinneret and capillary data.
  • Reduced losses associated with wasted material and manual labor cost.
  • Maximizes profits through minimized risk.
  • Reduces cost of replacing and refurbishing Spinnerets.
  • With better / maintained Spinnerets , more $ / kg can be achieved.
  • Optimizes yield performance with reduced rejects and defects.
  • Improves quality of production when tolerance levels are maintained in the statistical measurements for each capillary and the overall spinneret.
  • Verifies proper dimensions after capillaries have been repaired.
  • Provides quantitative data of capillary uniformity and provides overall statistics for each spinneret.
  • Allows easy use by both production and technical personnel.

Because the SpinTrak™ is approved and used by all major manufacturers worldwide, Aspex has developed a reputation as being the Industry leader manufacturing and supplying automated Spinneret inspection systems.